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How to Create an Excellent Write-up for Kenya science and Engineering Fair

The Kenya science and Engineering fair is underway and has become international. For anyone who would want to participate and go to advanced level, there are some guidelines you must put in place in your write up for it to give you maximum points. For one, the write up must include some very critical parts which include:


  • An abstract
  • Background information
  • Statement of the Problem you want to solve
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Data Collection and analysis

References In the write up, the content should be organized in chapters and each chapter needs to be comprehensive and clear. Whether you are presenting a talk in the science and engineering fair or you are presenting a project(exhibit) The write up will make your presentation fail or go through

The emphasis of the science fair this year (2013) is research and solving of a problem in the society. This means that you must have identified a problem and you feel that it is bothersome enough to warrant your project as the solution. You then need to do adequate research to come up with the BEST way forward. Of course, it may be necessary to link it to the Kenya Vision 2030 or some other development plan the country has.

Finally, you will need to analyze the data you have collected and preferably present it in some graphical format, be it tables, pie charts or graphs. I will be discussing about making an excellent presentation using good presentation skills.